UNION NATIONAL BANK is a financial instution Headquarted in dubai and was established in 1987. With a presence in the major banking centres in uae and assets in excess of $19bn, UNION NATIONAL BANK is your partner for banking services for all european related businesses globally.

UNION NATIONAL BANK has a team of high calibre professionals with diverse skills and experience. The Bank has invested heavily in technology and continues to invest heavily in training to ensure that it is at par with the best in the world. UNION NATIONAL BANK offers a comprehensive range of products and services to meet the banking and financial needs of existing and potential customers.To ensure the relevance of our comprehensive range of products and services, we continually review the demographics of our customer segments to ensure that our offerings meet the banking and financial needs of existing and potential customers.

UNION NATIONAL BANK ’s vision is to become a world-class financial institution that provides superior returns for all stakeholders. With People who are professional and proactive, state of the art Technology, exceptional Corporate Governance Standards, good knowledge of the Local Market, Financial Capital and above all, a Customer-Centric Culture, UNION NATIONAL BANK is contributing its quota to the development of the banking industry of dubai and other afficiliated Countries. .

Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

Email = info@unbdubai.com